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Août Gallery - Gemmayzeh

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Gemmayzeh, Beirut district

Août gallery is a platform born out of a need for more cultural and artistic spaces in Beirut. Août (August in French) is the month of closure for museums, art institutions and galleries around the world. It is also a personal matter for the founder, Zeid El Amine, who began this journey as an homage to his father who passed away due to the August 4 Beirut blast, hence the name of the gallery. Based in Lebanon, the gallery will be endorsing new and contemporary artists worldwide. The aim is to commemorate the city’s lost art scene and help revive its cultural landscape.

Août Gallery is based in Gemmayzeh, which was already an important pillar of the Lebanese art scene. Now partly in ruins but in the midst of reconstruction, it seemed that reopening the doors for art and culture in this neighborhood was the right thing to do, with the hope of forging better days ahead. The gallery draws on international artists, with the aim of establishing a global reach. It distinguishes itself as a unique space which interplays multiple cultures, carrying similar messages, of hope and rebirth, but also of sorrows and pains which helped forge resilient art.


Opening hours
Monday-Friday 10am-6pm