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The Three Brothers Gin

  • distillery

Smar Jbeil, Batroun district

The Three Brothers have dedicated their lives to their passion for mixology and the nightlife. Through their years of experience and instinctive knowhow, they constantly aspire to achieve the highest quality of taste and refinement one can find in the indulgence of partaking in the spirits that take its consumers into new avenues of delight. These master craftsmen in the art of mixology invite you to share in the experience they have to offer.

A calculated blend of unusual botanicals gave birth to a classic gin profile completely different from any other gin in the market, handcrafted in small batches by bartenders, 100% natural with no sugar or artificial additives. Its peculiar flavour is unlike anything you have ever tasted before. One whiff of it is enough to recognize the unmistakable scent of junipers. Its particularity is that this gin can be consumed neat like a fine cognac or a decent whisky, and thus opens the possibility of a new category of gin: "The Sipping Gin". Each of the botanicals has been carefully picked to bring the Lebanese aroma and taste to life with every whiff and sip.

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