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Nehla, Batroun district

Sept Winery was born out of a desire to revive a family’s land and cultivate it. Maher knew his true calling was awaiting him, deeply-rooted in his father’s land. He is now committed to producing wine that expresses Lebanon’s terroir by celebrating the richness and authenticity of its Mediterranean soil.

For him, happiness unfolds in the taste of wine, and with every glass of wine he drank, he imagined himself sitting in his own vineyard in Lebanon, his heart full of joy. This is when he knew he had to leave everything and go back to the source, where his love for the land started. Reviving the land he inherited from his father was the most beautiful homage he could pay him, with each of the 5,000 vines he planted with his bare hands and every challenge he faced to make his dream come true in his village in the Northern mountains of Lebanon. 

Beyond reviving the land, Maher revives with it the agriculture methods he is so keen on learning from the village’s ancestors. This is how he started delving in the world of biodynamic agriculture, embracing its methods fiercely and fervently, and transforming his terraces into the first biodynamic vineyard in Lebanon. In addition to the grapes he cultivates in his vineyard, Maher sources organic grapes from single vineyards around Lebanon, in line with his mission to highlight the expression of his country’s terroirs. Today, his yearly production of 20,000 bottles is committed to expressing the extraordinary nature of Lebanon’s terroir by celebrating its diversity, richness, and authenticity.


Altitude 950m
Date of Establishment 2016