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Jezzine, Jezzine district

In the late 50s in a small town in the South of Lebanon, a young boy would help his grandmother pick grapes to make Arak, the national drink of Lebanon, an aniseed-based Eau De Vie. He would gaze at the sky, watch aircrafts pass by and dream about flying. The dream turned reality: ”I flew for 43 years and never worked a day in my life. During my years of service, while flying over the Southern mountains of Lebanon, my passion for vineyards made me long to be amongst the vines. And so, Karam Wines was founded in 2002 in my beloved home town of Jezzine. We were the first to plant wine grapes in the South and are the only winery located in this region of Lebanon. This passion was passed on to my children, who spent their summers as teenagers in the vineyards harvesting grapes. We are proudly, and solely, a family business.” – Captain Habib Karam


Altitude 1400m
Date of Establishment 2002