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WAFFF Studios

  • decorative items
  • clothes

Jal el Dib, Matn district

WAFFF Studios is the brainchild of Lebanese artist, music producer and published author Ralph Ghayad. Drawing inspiration from art, music, and legendary icons, and believing in artistic production’s power in bringing about a brighter, more positive world, Ralph created WAFFF Studios in 2018.

Inherently curious, they came across physiognomy, such a remarkable and exciting discipline -- for those of you wondering, it means studying people’s traits and characteristics through facial expressions -- and wondered why it was almost absent in artistic production. Analyzing people’s facial expressions can say a lot about them and help us form a special connection to them, even if we have never met them. With this spirit of exploration and curiosity, the inspiration behind WAFFF Studios’ aesthetic came to be.

Their creative process is driven by research — an integral part of the creative process at WAFFF Studios. An in-depth analysis of the featured icons’ lives enables their creative process and ensures that each of their pieces resonates with you. Passion for creativity, writing, music, and design work fuel their work and underpin everything they make.

You can also find WAFFF Studios in ABC Achrafieh (L0).