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Souk Okaz - Tripoli

  • flea market
  • clothes
  • bags & accessories

Tripoli, Tripoli district

Souk Okaz is place where you can buy and sell clothes. They have known international brands and their prices are extremely affordable. It's are a project by FabricAID, a social enterprise. They sell clothes for adults, kids and babies, as well as bags, shoes and accessories.

It's a retail brand where people can buy and/or sell second-hand clothes while eliminating the middle-man. The brand is specialized in bartering international fast fashion brands, targeting middle-class communities. Customers at Souk Okaz are welcomed to sell their gently used clothes (provided they follow the brand’s list of accepted brands and conditions) for an attractive immediate cashback.

They have 4 other branches in: Hamra (+96171309183), Furn el Chebbak (+96170097516), Mansourieh (+96181795072) and Jounieh (+96181954644). 


Opening hours
Everyday 10am-8pm