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Sikasok is the first Arab brand to create statement socks that people relate to. It all started in 2017 when founders Ralph Haiby and Maya Rafih realized that there is a fundamental item of clothing that has been neglected for way too long: socks! They created Sikasok and started designing and producing socks that feel good and look good, giving these simple items of clothing the glory they never had. The brand is growing to include a wide range of designs and collaborations with one common inspiration: cultural context.

Sikasoks are designed and produced in Lebanon. They work hard to constantly make sure they are the best quality possible; this means polyester-free cotton socks, produced ethically and locally by people they trust and who share their values. They also like to pay acute attention to detail, always keeping the consumer in mind. For example, Sikasoks have been carefully studied to be suitable perfectly to the Middle Eastern climate, both the warm summers and cold winters.

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