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Senteurs d'Orient

  • cosmetics & self care
  • decorative items

Dekwaneh, Matn district

Luxury bath and body lifestyle brand born from love of artisanship and the bathing rituals of the Orient. The story of Senteurs d’Orient begins with the founder, Hana, who wished to share the exquisite beauty and rich soap-making history of Lebanon with the world. Raised in Tokyo and making her home in Beirut, Hana sought to honor the bathing rituals of the Orient. Through their artisan-made soaps, everyone can experience the treasured scents and traditional craftsmanship of the region she loves.

In the heart of the oldest soap-making region of the world, Senteurs d’Orient aimed to create the finest handcrafted soap, fusing Japanese sophistication and Middle Eastern sensuality with the most indulgent and precious fragrances. Sharing the same passions, Hana’s daughter, Sarah, joined the company to expand her mother’s story with her fresh vision and to continue their commitment to social responsibility. Named a U.N. Women “Champion for Change,” Senteurs d’Orient is dedicated to helping educate and empower women in Lebanon.

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