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RawLines Design

  • decorative items

Growing up in a natural and traditional environment, I was able to appreciate handcrafted items that cost physical, emotional and spiritual effort. With simple materials Zakaria began to experiment until he mastered the final product. With his family and friends’ support, he decided to embark Rawlines’ journey and launch a new concept that is to make decorative & useful pieces made of raw material, on a plaster base. 

From scratch and with the only few materials he had, he built his manufacturing studio with his own hands, brick by brick, and started making pieces that became more and more fashionable. A journey like that required a lot of time, energy and dedication, and thus he expanded the team to make Rawlines closer to perfection, stronger and guarantee customers’ satisfaction. Now he can proudly refer to Rawlines as - they -, and together with his team, they will continue this journey and contribute in the growth of local production.