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Geitawi, Beirut district

Mahsghal, informally founded in 2019, emerged in response to a series of catastrophic events that left the artisan community grappling with significantly reduced orders, downsizing, and closures.

In the aftermath of these challenges, Mashghal undertook the initiative to repair several workshops, establish a comprehensive website featuring a directory of craftsmen, develop an e-commerce portal, and streamline order logistics. These efforts now enable Lebanese artisanal products to be easily ordered and shipped internationally. Additionally, we established an endowment grant to support talented craftspersons in and around Bourj Hammoud, particularly those whose workshops were closest to the impact of the Port explosion.

Over the years, Mashghal has cultivated trust and strong relationships within a vast network of artisans. Our collaboration extends to several artisans featured on our launched website, with plans for more partnerships in the pipeline.