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Khan el Kaser - Olivco

  • cosmetics & self care

Baaqline, Chouf district

Khan El Kaser is an experienced skincare manufacturer whose products are made with natural raw materials. The story started in 1961, when Kamal Ghannam decided to start an olive oil factory in the village of Baakline. He wanted to do more than just olive oil, so he decided to broaden his expertise to soap-making, aiming to produce natural handmade soaps of quality. In 2004, the Khan el Kaser brand was born, extending into cosmetics. Khan El Kaser produces their cold pressed olive oil in a semi-automatic olive oil factory in the heart of the Baakline mountains, where olive trees are carefully cared for by landowners and farmers to produce the best-quality oil for the winter season. Using the talent and experience given from his father, Salim Ghannam tried for many sleepless nights to produce the best natural soap, so he decided to relinquish the old technique and started the cold-pressed production of soap that exceeded expectations. 

Today, the brand is one of the leading soapmaking company in the region, with 25 points of sales, three stores, and a presence in four different countries (UK, Canada, GCC, and soon, China). They now provide more than 30 different types of soaps; their scents include, but are not limited to: lavender, shea butter, jasmine, rose, amber, and musk. You can buy all their products in their shop in Baakline, but also at their boutique in the heart of Abdel Wahab street in Beirut.


Opening hours
Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm