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Gaël Ghattas

  • bags & accessories

Sodeco, Beirut district

It all started in Beirut in 2018 with an old bag Gaël wanted to get rid of because of its old damaged shoulder strap. She couldn't find a strap designer locally, so she decided to create her own handmade bag strap with very basic materials found at home. Following a growing number of requests, she evolved her designs to include geometric architectural patterns, holding on to innovation, which resulted in today’s Gaël Ghattas’ world of straps.

They are here to add a new life to your bags, musical instruments and cameras through their handmade colorful strap designs. Their pieces are made in Lebanon, with eco-friendly and customizable materials, they aim to offer you quality rather than quantity. It’s time for some upgrade!

Opening hours
Monday-Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday 11am-2pm