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DRVFT Gallery

  • decorative items
  • decorative items design

Achrafieh, Beirut district

DRVFT Gallery started with the idea of creating a community. There is beauty in the unknown, and beauty in what may be. This initiative is a way to nurture creativity and promote cultural exchange in the world of interior architecture and product design. DRVFT believes that all artists are constantly evolving and drawing inspiration from various sources. It’s through this process of borrowing and adaptation that innovation often flourishes. The aim of DRVFT is to celebrate the process of an ever-evolving work in progress. The purpose of the gallery is to create a platform where designers can interact with both peers and clients to craft unique furniture pieces, and this part is the most exciting prospect of the business. A one-on-one sit down with clients that dream of creating their perfect furniture or decorative piece, is part of DRVFT’s main objective. This collaboration and dynamic environment can lead to the development of innovative and distinctive designs that cater to a wider range of tastes and preferences. DRVFT Gallery is aiming to become a hub of creativity, collaboration, and inspiration. It’s a place where the artistic community can thrive in the beauty of living spaces and where the boundaries between styles and cultures can blur to create something truly remarkable.