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Abboudi BouJaoude Vintage Prints Collection

  • decorative items
  • books
  • vinyls
  • vintage
  • collectors' items

Hamra, Beirut district

A showcase of the collection of the passionate cinephile and art collector Abboudi BouJaoude that includes vintage movie posters and magazines, old books and pictures, as well as cinema-related pop culture memorabilia.

The vast majority of the items in the collection are for sale at extremely affordable prices. Original artworks and reprints start as low as 10$ and go up depending on the rarity of the items. 

Whether you feel like decorating a room with an original vintage poster or you want to add another item to your cinema collection, Abboudi's collection is where you will find what you are looking for.

Opening hours
Monday-Saturday 9am-8pm