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A New Earth Organic Shop

  • concept store
  • mouneh & groceries
  • cosmetics & self care
  • bags & accessories
  • baby items

Achrafieh, Beirut district

A New Earth was the first certified organic store to open in Lebanon in 2009. It was founded by two women united in their love for clean products that protect the health of people and our planet. At A New Earth, they believe that going organic and natural is better for us and the environment, and they carefully choose their products and check their ingredients and origins.

Their team is trained to give advice on whatever you’d like help with, from which supplement to take or which products suit your dietary requirements, and deeply care about their community, constantly communicating and listening to customers queries and needs. As they strive to be more than just a health store, they cooperate closely with their supplier to develop better products and always search for sustainable and ethical business partners. Since 2019, they’ve added natural, not certified products sourced from small producers implementing fair trade criteria, or from family-run enterprises preserving traditional forms of processing and perpetuating local traditional food culture. This doesn’t mean they’re any less rigorous with their sourcing and they keep their standards high.


Opening hours
Everyday 9am-6pm