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Street Bun - Dbayeh

  • international street food
  • burger

Dbayeh, Matn district

 It all began with a desire. Who remembers the days when we were young, wild, crazy and free? To do whatever we want, whenever we want. Without restrictions, without the burden of how much each item costs, without the feeling of wasting time, without the guilt, without the commitment to others who won’t let us have fun. And life is so much more fun, interesting and exciting when we are Free. Then we understand that being free cannot exist without a strange form of love, a love for freedom, a love for food, a love for you. Their message: simple, feel more alive, get back on the streets, relive your teenage years, relive your first love, relive your first road trip with the boys, relive your first date, relive your childhood memories. Because in the streets, we feel truly free, apart from making quality food, this is what really inspires them to keep going.