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Saint George Maronite Cathedral

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Downtown, Beirut district

St. George Maronite Cathedral is a Neoclassical cathedral built between 1888 and 1894, on Amir Bachir Street, in downtown Beirut within Beirut Central District. The interior of the St George Maronite Cathedral was inspired by the Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica in Rome, and was the tallest building in Beirut before the war. It was fully restored after the war and is currently the Episcopal seat of Beirut's Maronite Archdiocese, the district for which an archbishop is responsible. In the church there is a Delacroix painting of St. George. Located to the left of the St. George, are 5 columns discovered in 1963 that were part of a colonnade in Beirut during the Roman era. Elements of a semicircular cultural building were also discovered west of St. George Cathedral. They have been re-erected on the outskirts of Charles Helou Boulevard near the port entrance.