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Saint Catherine Church (Zahrat El lhsan Covent)

  • religious site

Achrafieh, Beirut district

Located in Achrafieh, the St. Catherine Church has origins which date back to 1880 when mother Mariam (Labibé) Gehchan founded an orphanage, a school and a monastic order under the supervision of the Zahrat Al-Ihsan Association. This was under the patronage of St. Catherine, a venerable martyr that is believed to be full of wisdom, which was who this Greek Orthodox church was named after.   The church contains a magnificent iconostasis, a wall of icons and religious paintings separating the central area from the sanctuary. It is hand painted by Ibrahim Abdo Jabbour and was consecrated in 1950. The church contains a large icon of the Virgin Mary called, Our Lady of Vladimir, which was painted by a Russian. Other ancient and modern icons adorn the walls.  Zahrat El-Ihsan Orthodox School is a private school located within the area of the St. Catherine Church and has been around since 1880. The school teaches in French and prepares students for both the French Baccalaureate and Lebanese Baccalaureate. It also teaches English and provides many diverse after-school activities.