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Our Lady of Lebanon - Harissa

  • religious site

Harissa, Keserwan district

A huge, 15-ton bronze statue of the Virgin Mary, with her arms outstretched adorns the bluff high above Jounieh. Located in Harissa, on the mountainside overlooking the city of Jounieh, this statue is known as Our Lady of Lebanon or Notre Dame du Liban. It was made in the late 19th century in Lyon, France, and inaugurated in 1908. Inside the statue's base there is a small chapel. Among other churches of various denominations, it is worth mentioning the Byzantine-style Melkite Greek Catholic Basilica of St. Paul, is located to the south. The Papal Embassy, as well as the residences of four Eastern Catholic cardinals church, are in the vicinity of Harissa and Our Lady of Lebanon. The site was visited by both Pope Jean Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.