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Deir el Mkhaless - Sarba

  • religious site

Sarba, Keserwan district

This monastery dates back to 1884 and is constructed, over the ruins of the Phoenician castle of Sarba, in Nabatiyeh in the south. In its foundation, there were huge stones, some of them are 3 or 4 meters similar to those used in The Castle of Faqra. On the stones there are sculptures representing the sun, the head of a sacred calf and ancient inscriptions as well as a statue of Jupiter. Ernest Renan, French expert of Middle East ancient languages and civilizations, discovered them near the tomb of a princess and sent them to the Louvre Museum in Paris. The monastery is inhabited by the Halabite monks, who are from the Mariamit Maronite Order and it is one of their most beautiful monasteries. As a Monastic Order in the Maronite Church, it houses a church decorated with mural paintings and icons for the Greek Catholics.