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Christ the King Convent - Zouk Mosbeh

  • religious site

Zouk Mosbeh, Keserwan district

This site is located in Zouk, Mosbeh in Keserwan, north of Beirut. In 1895, Brother Yaacoub (Jacob) Haddad, from the Latin Capacin Order, was passing in front of the rocks of Nahr El Kalb on his way to pronounce his monastic vows, where he saw the historical inscriptions on the rocks and said, “Christ must have a record in this place, more important than the written and engraved remains”. Later, he bought a piece of land (300 thousand m2) on the hill called Ruins of the Kings facing the Monastery of Saint Joseph Al-Bourj from the Halabite monks of the monastery of Louizeh, later called the Mariamites. He built a church and inaugurated it 1951. Later on, he asked the Italian artist, Renato Betelia to make a statue, which was elevated on the last Sunday of October 1952. Near the monastery there is a small cave, which the workers discovered. Father Yaacoub turned it into a sanctuary for the Virgin Mary, Mother of God.