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Al Imam Al Ouzai Mosque

  • religious site

Downtown, Beirut district

Zaouiyah Al-Imam Al-Ouza'I is located at Souk Al-Tawile, where in the old souks used to be in downtown Beirut, within Beirut Central District, in the West side of Sheikh Ibn 'Arraq’s Zaouiyah. The school is named after Imam Al-Ouza'I who lived Beirut and turned his home into a school of Islamic theology, a place where religious studies were taught. In 1529, a fountain was built next to the school in memory of the Imam. Imam Al-Ouza'I died in his school in 774 in the last years of the reign of Caliph Abi Jaafar Al-Mansour and the inhabitants of Beirut had followed the procession carrying his mortal remains from downtown to the southern suburbs, known as the Hantous. The Zaouiyah was situated in the middle of Souk Al-Tawile until the outbreak of the Lebanese war in 1975 which turned it into ruins. A project is being prepared to rebuild it in its original place.