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33 North Leb

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Beit Mery, Matn district

33 North is an alternative tourism tour operator. It reflects Lebanon’s latitude and carries out tours in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Morocco and Turkey. Fourteen years of travelling in the rural areas, the mountains, and the deserts, have helped them build strong ties with the visited communities that host them.

At 33 North, they believe that tourism is a major tool to develop the local communities, preserve our heritage and expand economic opportunities in the areas that need them the most. They will lead you to discover destinations off the beaten tracks. From the highest summits and peaks to the underground world, they will give you an exceptional opportunity to be acquainted with local traditions, experience different cultures, and stay in various lodging facilities (mountain lodges, Bedouin tents, mud houses, and semi-desert mud houses). You will be in direct touch with the local residents in a context of solidarity tourism. You will make a positive impact on the visited communities and contribute to the preservation of the environment. Go for adventure: hike, trek, bike, raft, ski, snowshoe, and scuba dive. Explore caves and climb mountains in a responsible manner that benefits the local communities.

Tourism is much more than visiting places, taking pictures and buying souvenirs. When it is practiced responsibly and with the minimum impact possible, tourism can becomes a powerful tool for inspiring change, creating awareness and tolerance, and increasing commitment to social and environmental responsibility. 33 North offers you year-round backpacking and adventure trips. It provides a wide array of tailor-made trips and tours that meet your interests as individuals or companies. Join us for a truly remarkable and memorable adventure!