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Hillhout Village

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Khenchara, Matn district

Hillhout Village is a place in the heart of nature where families, kids and friends can enjoy their days off. There's something that attracts us to be one with the great outdoors. If you've ever been in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the pine trees, mountains and the sun, you would understand what we mean.

There is nothing quite like grouping up with your friends and family and going on a day full of activities, picnic or camping trip to really appreciate the simpler things in life. All their activities are safe, monitored and insured. Set in the heart of the great outdoors, Hillhout Village is a place, over 25,000 m2, where you can savor the wonder Lebanon's nature.

Hillhout Village is made to offer kids, families, couples, friends a chance to experience their face-to-face adventures as they see fit. From camping and hiking to an array of activities, Hillhout Village is the ideal place to fill up on your outdoor cravings.