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Arsoun Village

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Arsoun, Baabda district

Arsoun Village is committed to growing social bonding through adventure & recreational sport activities while promoting conservation and preservation of our nature & precious environment & creating a positive impact on our neighborhoods. Their mission is to elevate total family, group & corporate recreation to a higher level of public awareness through recreational participation, competition, accomplishment and wholesome outdoor activities. They will accomplish this mission by promoting picnicking, camping, hiking, biking, touring, ropes course challenging & other outdoor activities in a neat and safe environment.

Pine forests, olive trees, oak trees, old bridges, old mills & great views! In a few words, this is Arsoun a typical traditional small Lebanese village in Matn district. 90% of the village is covered by pine and oak trees, a density among the highest in Lebanon! Arsoun is located 30 km away from Beirut, and 800m above sea level. The village is very rich in water springs. You can't visit Lebanon even for a few days without hiking in Arsoun, smell its fresh air, walk down the old bridges & mills, and spend a few days at the Arsoun village forest park!

At Arsoun village, they believe that fostering strong social bonding and especially at family level, builds a stronger emotionally balanced & less stressed society. We want our kids to grow knowing & loving nature.