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Jabal Al Rihane Biosphere Reserve

  • nature reserve
  • birdwatching

Rihane, Jezzine district

A dominant feature of this biosphere reserve is the existence of many mountain peaks such as Jabal Safi, Jabal Sujud, Jabal Bir Kallab, and Jabal Bourqab that culminate at 1300, 1200, 1360 and 1300 meters, respectively. This mountainous relief gives rise to a number of eco-zones. From a more aesthetic point of view, such a landscape, dominated by peaks and basins, offers wonderful limitless views. Stands of old oak trees (more than 500 years old) are recognized as outstanding scenic landscapes.

The Rihane differs from other protected areas in Lebanon by its location at middle altitudes. All the others are either at high altitude with dominance of cedar trees (Tannourine, Ehden, Al-Chouf Cedar reserves) or at very low altitudes such as Palm Islands or Tyre Beach reserves.