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Bentael Nature Reserve

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Fidar el Tahta, Jbeil district

Bentael Nature Reserve, founded in 1981 and officially declared in 1999 by virtue of law 11/99, owes its origin to the local desire to protect the private communal territory against human aggressions, especially the uncontrolled urban sprawl and the unorganized development of road networks BNR. It is the first unofficial reserve in Lebanon, covering an area of 110 hectares and located 7km away from Jbeil and 38km away from Beirut. Extending between 250 and 800m above sea level, this reserve is limited from the North by a public road and a private property belonging to the village of Bentael, from the South by the river of Bentael, from the East by the Western boundary of the village of Hjoula and from the West by the villages of Eddeh and Bentael.

Bentael Nature Reserve is located in the sub-humid bioclimatic level - temperate winter variant - and is characterized by a hot and humid climate of low and medium altitudes. It extends over the Thermo-Mediterranean and Eu-Mediterranean vegetation levels (Abi Saleh and Safi, 1988). It consists of a mosaic of ecosystems harboring two major forest types: an oak (Quercus calliprinos) stand on compact limestone, limited in the valley by the riparian forest of the Bentael River, and a planted pine forest (Pinus pinea) on sandstone.


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