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Terbol Museum

  • ethnographic museum

Terbol, Zahleh district

This eco-museum in the Bekaa valley is under the direction of the National Heritage Foundation. It is an old Levantine mud-brick farmhouse that belongs to the Rami family, and it displays a wide collection of old tools traditionally used by Lebanese farmers. The poet Nehme Saghbini, who owns most of the tools, provides visitors with information about the display. 

This house, which is very common in the Bekaa, has a rectangular plan in the Iwan. It is built of mud bricks, dried in the sun, then coated with earth and limed. Its roof is made of a wooden frame covered with reeds and compacted earth that was regularly rolled in winter to ensure its watertightness. Over time, it would have undergone a number of transformations and expansions according to the needs of the family, hence the lack of homogeneity between the frames of each room.

In the field were established stables "Istabl" for horses, stables "Mawachi" for cows, sheep and goats and a barn "Hassel" for the crops. Today, a thematic garden is planted with plants specific to this part of the Bekaa.


Opening hours
Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm