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St. Anthony Qozhaya Monastery Museum

  • ethnographic museum

Qozhaya, Zgharta district

The Monastery of Saint Anthony the Great (Mar Antonios al-Kabir) is situated at 950m above sea level in the celebrated Valley of Qozhaya, "the Living Treasure". The pine trees and oak trees cover the great hills surrounding it. Fruit trees of every type grow all along the valley, which extends into the Valley of Qannubin to form the great Qadisha Valley, thus bearing witness to the history of eremitic life and the quest for holiness in Lebanon. Historians and scholars suppose that this Monastery was first built and began to be occupied by hermits at the beginning of the fourth century. It was looted, set on fire and razed to the ground several times. 


Opening hours
Winter: Monday-Sunday 9am-5pm
Summer: Monday-Sunday 8:30am-7:30pm