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Lebanese Prehistory Museum

  • historical museum

Monnot, Beirut district

Inaugurated in 2000, the Lebanese Prehistory Museum is a small specialized museum that presents to the public the results of the archaeological investigations conducted by Jesuit scholars between the end of the 19th century and 1975. It is a permanent exhibition established on a scientific basis and at the same time didactic, telling the story of the human adventure which, in Lebanon, goes back to a million years.

Visitors are led to go back in time and discover the evolution of Man and his way of life, his inventions, his techniques, his traditions, etc., through the exhibits, models, experimental reconstructions, iconographies and the explanatory texts. While being thematic, the course integrates the chronology, namely the four periods of our Prehistory: the Paleolithic, the Epipaleolithic, the Neolithic and the Chalcolithic.


Opening hours
Tuesday-Friday 8:30am-4pm
Saturday's large groups : Booking only