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Musée Henry BB

  • art museum
  • historical museum

Koubba, Batroun district

Musee Henry BB is a gorgeous three-story traditional home turned museum that will take your breath away. The traditional arches and beautifully adorned windows frame the majestic structure that has been renovated, all while keeping the traditional elements that made up the original home. The owner lives in the house, and offers limited tours of the property and all that it holds. The museum pays homage to one hundred traditional houses that have been demolished in Beirut. Little relics from the homes were collected and merged into this piece of art with tile and glass from the demolished places being incorporated into the property. It was designed and restored by Henry Loussian, the artist behind the beloved Hamra jewelry spot, Henry's Handmade.


Opening hours
Appointment only 
Entrance fee
5$ for adults and Free for kids under 15