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Mleeta Tourist Landmark of the Resistance

  • historical museum

Mleeta, Nabatieh district

Located in a mountainous area about 30 kilometers southeast of Saida, between Ain Bousouar and Jba`a, Mleeta - the so-called Hezbollah museum - was opened in 2010. From the first withdrawal of the Israeli occupation in 1985 until its final withdrawal in 2000, this 60,000sqm area served as the strategic and military base of the resistance against Israel. It was the position from where thousands of military missions were conducted inside the Israeli occupation zone. The museum was created in memory of the faith, endurance and free will of men (the mujahideen), fighting against the Israeli occupation of their country. Symbolizing the defeat, it displays captured Israeli tanks, Jeeps, helicopter parts, bombs, weapons and other Israeli army equipment. You can visit the caves and forest from where the resistance operated and see displays of armed tanks, rockets, bombs and guns used in the fight against the enemy. Don't miss the 12 minute video introduced by Hezbollah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah. 


Opening hours
Everyday 9am-4pm