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Mikhail Naimy Home-Museum

  • literary museum

Mtayleb, Matn district

Mikhail Naimy (1889 – 1988) Home-museum in Mtayleb enfolds all the details of Mikhail Naimy’s Zalka Home where Naimy spent the last twenty years of his life with his niece May Najeeb Naimy, whom he called his ‘guardian angel’, and her daughter Suha, and where Naimy took his last breath on February 28, 1988. The three formed the Mimasuna family (Mikhail, May, Suha, Naimy) and have preserved all the details of those last twenty years of Naimy’s life and many of those before that span of time. Therefore, the Mikhail Naimy Home-museum in Mtayleb focuses on Naimy’s last 20 years of his Zalka home in particular and highlights Naimy’s other life phases in general.

Each room of the Mikhail Naimy home-museum in Mtayleb exhibits the daily habits of Naimy and his Mimasuna family, and each room is documented with photos, published and unpublished manuscripts, personal belongings, mementos and more that testify to the life that Naimy lived in his Zalka home, from where six books were issued to the world. The Mikhail Naimy Home-museum in Mtayleb exhibits as well some of what Naimy safekept, in his Zalka Home, that belongs to the previous phases of his life.


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