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LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation

  • historical museum
  • library

Jbeil / Byblos, Jbeil district

The museum of the foundation contains treasures from the private Louis Cardahi collection, including:
- Phoenician artifacts, such as a statuette of Ishtar-Aphrodite taking her ablution.
- Oil lamps and small glass vases.
- Lithographs by the famous archeologist Ernest Renan.
- Reproduction from the Louvre Museum: bust of Osorkon, stone of Yehawmilk, basalt lion of the Persian fortress.

The foundation’s Library holds approximately 1500 specialized volumes dedicated mostly to the historic and cultural life of the city of Jbeil and its region. Print periodicals are supplemented by subscriptions to various online databases (books, journals, magazines, brochures and CDs).


Opening hours
Tuesday-Saturday 9am-4pm