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Expo Hakel

  • historical museum
  • nature museum

Hakel, Jbeil district

In the heart of Hakel, Rizkallah Nohra founded the first fossils museum in Lebanon. The whole adventure began in the 1960's when he was a seven years old boy, when he started to gather some fossils from a land owned by his family. Over the years this hobby turned into a passion, and his dream was to create a museum for his collection, but such project didn’t see the light due to the civil war that ended in 1991. Undeterred by such obstacles, he restored a typical old Lebanese village house on his own where he could gather and display all the fossils he had collected over the past thirty years. 1991 witnessed the opening of Expo Hakel, the first natural history museum for marine fossils in Lebanon.


Opening hours
Everyday 9am-5pm