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Edward Nassar Museum

  • collection museum

Jal el Dib, Matn district

The Edward Nassar Museum houses the largest Roman and Greek coin collection in Lebanon. The art collection includes some of the finest 19th-century European portraiture, landscapes and epic biblical paintings, notably the Crucifixion by Annibale Carracci, Napoleon Bonaparte by court painter Andrea Appiani, George I and William, Duke of Gloucester by Sir Godfrey Kneller, and works by Cipriani, Angas and Rigaud. There are 300 vintage gold and silver timepieces, a worldwide stamp collection and a large assortment of historical books and early illustrated Bibles. Also on view are manuscripts and autographs by luminaries from history like Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery and Charles de Gaulle. Other displays include exquisite Chinese porcelain and African art—ivory and ebony sculptures—as well as Roman and Greek archaeological treasures. 


Opening hours
Monday-Saturday 8:30am-5pm