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Boutros Farhat Museum

  • art museum

Jaj, Jbeil district

Boutros Farhat's life as a sculptor began in 1991 without any artistic study. He studied art in the Russian center in Beirut. His first exhibition took place in Jaj in 2005, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture. His works are present in Lebanon and in various countries. He participated in several group exhibitions and symposiums. He received several awards of encouragement and consideration.

His museum in Jaj encompasses two internal and external sections, containing nearly 185 sculptures varying in size, from around a meter to 3 meters. The carved stone - Boutros' favorite material - is of local or foreign origin, the statues on display involve various themes such as the Phoenicians, women, duality and general culture. In 2016, he was awarded the prize of sculptor in the exhibition organized by the association of the Lebanese artists and sculptors in the Palace of the UNESCO in Beirut. Since then he has been active and completing new works.


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