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Beirut National Museum

  • archaeological museum
  • historical museum

Damascus road, Beirut district

Inaugurated in 1942, the National Museum is home to an extraordinary collection of important archaeological objects. Reopened after extensive renovation, the ground floor displays about seventy large objects. The undoubted star of the collection is the Sarcophagus of Ahiram, King of Byblos, which is inscribed with the earliest known example of the Phoenician alphabet. On this floor is also a colossal statue in the Egyptian style, discovered at Byblos. Look out for statues of children used as ex-voto offerings to the healing god of Eshmoun. These were found at the temple of Eshmoun near Sidon (Saida). Other outstanding objects include a capital of bulls' heads and various mosaics representing scenes from mythology. 


Opening hours
Tuesday-Sunday 10am-2pm