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AUB Geology Museum

  • historical museum

Ras Beirut, Beirut district

The Geology Museum at AUB is considered to be the only major geology museum in Lebanon, as the national museum contains mainly archeological materials. The AUB Geology Museum contains a large mineralogy collection, rock collection, and fossil collection. The mineralogy collection includes over 1,000 mineral specimens from various parts around the globe. The rock collection contains a larger number of rock specimens representing the three main rock groups of Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic rocks. 

These collections contain examples from all the main mineral and rock groups on earth and contain some specimens that are somewhat rare and otherwise hard to find. The impressive fossil collection includes specimens from the various fossil species across the wide spectrum of the animal fossil and plant fossil kingdoms, and across the vast Geological eras. The most impressive is the Mesozoic Lebanese fossil fish collection that represents one of the best-preserved fossil fish collections in the world, containing some rare fossil fish species (nearly 100 million years old) and some of which represent extinct fish species.