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Antoun Kazan Museum

  • literary museum

Zouk Mikael, Keserwan district

Lawyer, writer and man of thought, Kazan produced criticism and creative studies reflecting his scientific and thoughtful approach and his vivid style. He organized literature festivals at the UNESCO Palace, where he was a lecturer, literary critic and innovator, and where he presented the biography and works of several writers and poets. Kazan dated a historical period of Lebanese innovation and originality, he gave valuable conferences at the “Cénacle Libanais”, the American University of Beirut, the Saint Joseph University, and the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, from which the most important conference was the one about Al Imâm Al Ouwzâ’î and his influence on the foundation of the Lebanese nationalism. 

On the legal side, Kazan produced a large number of studies and delivered conferences, particularly those given at the French Institute of Law where he elaborated his vision on the establishment of a “Supreme Council to try Presidents and Ministers”. His style was imprinted by a solid intrigue and a unique ability of choosing the right words and contextualizing them. His speeches were disguised by a seductive music which preserves its splendor when written on paper, whereas in his critic writings, Kazan remained the lawyer who defends from one side, and attacks from the other, measuring his words in the balance of justice and equity. 


Opening hours
Monday-Friday 9am-4pm
Saturday 9am-1pm