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Saida, Saida district

Visible from the Corniche as one pulls into the center of Saida, in the south, The Sea Castle ( Al-Bahr Citadel ) was built by the Crusaders in the 13th century on top of a Phoenician temple, and while it has been badly damaged over the centuries in various clashes, the handsome ruins continue to front the coastal city, connected by a delightful causeway across the water built by the Malmuks. Today the castle consists primarly of two towers connected by a wall. in the outer wall Roman columns were used as horizontal reinforcements, a feature often seen in fortifications built on or near former Roman sites. the west tower is the better preserved of the two. Old prints of the fortress show it to be one of great eauty, but little remains of the embellishments that once decorated its ramparts. After the fall of Acre to the Mamelukes, all the sea castles were destroyed to prevent the Crusaders from re-establishing footholds on the coast.