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Hamat, Batroun district

Heading towards Tripoli, 3 kilometers away from northern Batroun, lays the enchanting Mseilha Fort. A visitor can reach it by taking a right before the tunnel of Chekka and crossing a small bridge over Nahr El Jawz (River Of Walnut) or by crossing a narrow passage engraved in the rocks. This small fortress stands proudly on a mountain peak in a very strategic location that has been preserved for a long time. In the past, its picture was printed on the 25 Lebanese pound bill. The road to Tripoli used to curve around the huge Ras El Chakka. Its origin is unknown, and some historians claim that it dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries. Others claim that it dates back to the Mamluk era. However, others think that it is one of the accomplishments of Emir Fakhreddine from the 17th century.  After climbing the stairs, the visitor reaches a flat area where the arched narrow entrance lies. After the parlour, there is a central hall with passageways leading to different parts in the tower. The walls are one meter and a half to two meters thick. Some of its parts that are dark and dangerous haven't been renewed yet.