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King Hiram Tomb

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Sour / Tyre, Tyre district

On the borders between the villages of Ain Baal and Hanaway, in Tyre (Sour) in the south, there is a limestone sarcophagus traditionally ascribed to King Hiram I. 4 meters high, it is one of the largest sarcophagi in Lebanon. The influence of the sarcophagus on the village is evident as schools, convenience stores, barbershops and restaurants are named after the king. There is no clear evidence that the sarcophagus was, in fact, for King Hiram I. It may have been built for the architect Hiram, a contemporary of the king, who was asked to build the Temple of Solomon. Some archeologists say that it dates back to the middle of the 1st AD. The Hiram Sarcophagus is not to be confused with the Ahiram Sarcophagus, built for an ancient king of Byblos. Ain Baal is in the UNIFL zone and foreign visitors will need to obtain a pass from general security to enter this site.