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Bziza Roman Temple

  • archaelogical site

Bziza, Koura district

In the northern village of Bziza, 85 km from Beirut, lies a well-preserved 2nd century Roman temple with three of its frontal columns still standing. The western façade is embellished by an elegant portico, a porch with a roof supported by columns leading to the entrance of a building. In addition, there are three limestone columns which are the remainder of an original four, and supporting architecture of the ionic order. It is has been well-preserved because during the Byzantine age, it was converted into a two-apse church, which is the part of a church that is shaped like a half circle. Inside, there are niches where statues must have stood. When the temple was converted into a church, its orientation was changed, creating a new entrance in the southwest, while the northeast wall was replaced by an unusual double apse.