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Lassa, Jbeil district

Les Racines du Ciel is a family farm located in the village of Lassa, in the heart of the mountains of Mount Lebanon. Raed, Joanna and their two little boys Nour and Naim, started this project almost 7 years ago.

The land belongs to Raed’s father, Said. Originally from the village, he bought these 15 hectares in the early 70s. At the time, there was a very high demand for apples, and like many other farmers, he decided to fill his orchard with apple trees as well as of some other fruit trees. In love with his land, Saïd, who then worked in Congo, returned there every summer with his family. This is how his 4th child, Raed, was born in August 1985 during the civil war. Saïd passed on his passion for this place to him and that’s how we decided to settle in Lebanon.

To acquire the necessary experience, Raed spent several months in France learning the basics of food growing and beekeeping from a small farmer who dabbled in biodynamic agriculture. Finally, in 2015, he decided to convert the orchard to organic agriculture and to start growing vegetables between the trees. Joanna rejoined him in the spring of that year after she had completed her degree in sustainable architecture.

And that’s when it all begun!