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Tripoli, Tripoli district

Dino Can Bake was started by a passionate person with a mission: to create healthy vegan products that could compete or try to replace some of the imported merchandise on shelves all over Lebanon. All their items can fit any lifestyle and serve a purpose to live better. They make plant-based milk, sour cream, and cheese; they also produce pure nut butters, chocolate spreads, and syrups. Their desserts are simple and unique, but have full benefits: energy boosts, keto-friendly, gluten free—and they're delicious too! They don't waste food—they try to use everything left over from production in order to create compost or give it away to farmers. They use local recyclable jars and packages for packaging our products. Their clients return their empty jars when they're finished with them so they can be reused again… and again… and again! They want you to feel good about what you eat, so they only use ingredients that are sourced responsibly. All of their products are made with love—for you!