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Buzuruna Juzuruna

  • mouneh & groceries

Saadneyel, Zahleh district

Local guarantee, abundant sun, sips of love and cultivation with natural methods! You will find enough to move more than one gardener, embellish your gardens, awaken your taste buds and enliven amazing meals! For the past four years, they’ve been working to reproduce and enrich their collection of several hundreds of varieties of peasant and mediterranean seeds. They have all been reproduced, selected and improved on our farm so that farmers and gardeners in Lebanon have the choice and ability to grow natural seeds. Their collection keeps growing and now includes new varieties of local eggplants as well as aromatic black seeds (nigella sativa), cumin and coriander. The ancient varieties of wheat, barley and rye that we have been multiplying for the past five years are finally available for sale in small quantities! They have also been working on green manure and fodder mixtures to nourish your soils and animals, as well as a diverse collection of flowers and medicinal plants.