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Mazraat el Sayed, Keserwan district

Akoury Farm is a family business with all family members wholeheartedly involved in the business. It’s a second generation business, funded by the father in 1998. The farm spans 100,000m2 within an oak fence. It is nestled in a small village called Mazraat Beit Matar in North West Bekaa valley, Lebanon, at 1100 m altitude. It is located 100 km from Beirut, 13 km from Baalbeck and 45 km from the Cedars of Becharreh. Akoury Farm is unique by the diversity of activities, in fact it’s a multi sectorial business. There's fresh vegetable and fruit production with more than 30 products, with agrofood processing of many kinds of “mouneh” like jams, pickles, syrups, sauces and dried vegetables and fruits. There is also raising of chicken, goats, and cows at free range hence processing of many dairy products such as labneh, cheese, and kechek.