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Whitelace Resort

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Halat, Jbeil district

Whitelace doesn't just bring you angelic pools, a tasty menu, and relaxing chalets – it gives you an unforgettable experience of complete serenity. Leave your troubles behind as you head down to this exquisite resort. With a vibrant spirit, it's home to anyone who steps foot on its ground. Whether it's children or adults, this is the right place for you.

Experience WhiteLace, Lebanon’s new and luxurious resort. Invigorate your senses in the perfect mixture of elegance and fun. WhiteLace is suitably located right outside of Beirut, in the city of Halat, where tranquility meets convenience.

They offer luxurious fully furnished, air-conditioned, 227 chalet units come equipped with top of the line appliances and spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. The chalets vary in sizes and are all provided with Internet for your entertainment and professional needs.
The duplex that sits at the top of the building by the pool. On the first floor, you have the bedrooms, bathroom, and balcony. On the second floor, you have the kitchenette, dining area, convertible living room, and terrace.
The 2-bedroom chalets are on the mid-level of the pool building and also come with a kitchenette, convertible living room, bathroom, and a terrace.
The 1-bedroom chalets are at the mid to low level of the pool building and are comprised of a kitchenette, convertible living room, bathroom, and terrace.
The lofty classical chalets are available at the lower level of the pool building, or in two different sizes at the grass area. They consist of a convertible living room, kitchenette, and bathroom.

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