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Westwood Valley Zahle

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  • bungalows
  • camping
  • pool
  • sunset spot
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  • Lebanese cuisine
  • international cuisine

Zahleh, Zahleh district

On the hills surrounding the beating heart of the Bekaa valley, Zahle, on 50,000 sqm of land, lays WESTWOOD, a long-awaited project. They welcome you in all seasons, and they are eager to offer you a taste of their world.

A dream of a landscape that can complement the beautiful city of Zahleh and make it a destination of choice for local and international tourism. It all started when a group of friends kept looking for an ecological escape from the daily life in the city, a place where they can stay, eat, relax, and enjoy nature with their friends, families, and loved ones: spending a few days relaxing, taking long walks in the landscape and around it, trying the delicious food, enjoying a day by the pool, or spending an evening around the bonfire is a unique way to introduce you to our community.

Here you have the chance to reconnect with nature, to go back in time and learn about the true treasures of Lebanon: its nature and the hospitality of its people. Here you can choose for yourself a starting point to explore the city, or you can count on them and the services of “Zahle Tours” to show you around and be more adventurous. 

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